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Services and Programs

“Have you made an effort to leave behind any sadaqa jaariya?

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Verily, what reaches the momin of his good works and good acts, after his death, is the knowledge (benefitted from)… and a righteous child which he has left (behind him), or a book which he has given to inherit, or a place of worship which he has built, or a house for the homeless which he has built, or a canal which he has caused to be dug, or an act of charity which he has done out of his wealth while in his health and life. (The good effects thereof) reach him (even) after his death.” [Bayhaqi, Ibn Majah] Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) only rewards our efforts when we do deeds for His pleasure alone.”

Masjid Al Farooq provides a variety of Islamic services including:

It offers 5 daily Salat (Prayer) 7 days a week, Jum’ah (Friday Prayer) at 1:00 PM every Friday and Eid Al-Fitr Prayer and Eid Al-Adha Prayer.

Masjid Al Farooq also offers Tarwih Prayers and Qiyam Al-Layl Prayers during Ramadan.

Halaqas (Religious Gatherings) are held for adults at 8:00 PM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It also regularly distributes Zakat (Charity) to needy individuals and families.

In addition, Masjid Al Farooq performs the following services:

Shahada (Conversion to Islam)
Nikkah (Execution of Marriage Contract)
Talaq (Divorce Counseling)
Aqiqah (Child’s Birth Ceremony)

The Imam is available for religious consultation on all other life matters.

Masjid Al Farooq offers the following social service and Islamic educational programs:

Janazah Fund
Hifz Program
Weekend School
New Muslim Transitional Housing
Young Muslims
Adult Arabic Classes

During Ramadan, Masjid Al Farooq administers a Food Pantry and Toy Drive, among other activities.