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Janazah Fund

Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.” (Quran 2:156)

Did you know?

• Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) urged us, Muslims, to bury our dead as soon as possible. Muslims around the world follow this Sunnah (teaching and practice).

• For many Muslims on Chicago’s South Side, it has been challenging to observe this tradition of Janazah and burial due to economic hardship.

• We have witnessed heart-breaking situations where it took more than two weeks to raise funds to bury a brother in our poor community.

When one among you dies, do not keep him in the house for long. Make haste in taking him to the grave and burying him.”
– Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Relieve the Burden of Deserving Muslim Families

Masjid Al Farooq created a Sadaqa Janazah (Burial Fund) to provide financial assistance to our brothers and sisters for Islamic burials.

The total cost of an Islamic burial is $3,200. It covers:

  • Removal of the body
  • Transport to a Muslim funeral home
  • Washing and shrouding of the body
  • Transport to Masjid Al Farooq for Salat Al-Janazah
  • Purchase of the burial plot
  • Transport to the cemetery
  • Filing the death certificate

Countless poor families and new Muslims in our community benefit from this fund.

Your generous donation will remove the financial burden of a Muslim family in the most difficult time of their lives.

Help us bury our sisters and brothers with dignity and donate now.