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Hifz Program

The best among you [Muslims] are those who learn the Quran and teach it”
– Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Masjid Al Farooq established the first full-time Hifz Program on Chicago’s South Side. The goals for students in the Hifz Program are as follows:

  • Recognize Arabic alphabets
  • Understand and read the Quran with Tajweed (Correct Pronunciation)
  • Recite and memorize the Quran
  • To understand the fundamental concepts of Iman (Faith) and Tawheed (Oneness of Allah)
  • To exhibit the best Islamic behavior

Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable and high quality Islamic education for those in need.

Program Guidelines

All children – girls and boys – are welcomed to apply to the Hifz Program.

  • The Hifz Program costs $250 per child per month. It includes tuition, travel expenses and meals.
  • The Hifz Program operates from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • The Ustadh (Instructor) adheres to a systematic Quranic teaching and recitation curriculum, overseen by the Imam.

Did you know?

The majority of Huffaz of Quran in Chicagoland are of South Asian descent, while the remaining are of Arab descent.

  • In the blessed month of Ramadan, while other Masjids enjoy the Khatm of Quran and Tarawih Prayers, led by talented young reciters, Muslims on Chicago’s South Side do not have a single person who is able to recite even half the Quran.
  • Moreover, none of the participants at Quranic Qirat competitions in Chicagoland are from the South Side or of African descent.
  • So many young children with beautiful voices and good memories are missing out on the life-time opportunity to become a Hafiz and serve the Muslim community on Chicago’s South Side.

Make a difference and sponsor a Hafiz at Masjid Al Farooq today!

Please donate generously. Proceeds will help pay for the rehabilitation of the 2nd floor of the house in which the Ustad and students reside, making space available for new students.

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